GATE 2024 Complete Course CS - IT

Learn, Understand, Discuss. "GO" for the Best!!

Language: English

ALL the subjects will be provided prerecorded.
Every video length will be 20-30 minutes. 
Weekly 3-4 Live doubt sessions will be conducted.

Validity Period: 730 days

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Why this course?


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Features of the course:
1. Quality Content: No Rote-learning. No poor understadning. No By-hearting of formulas, tables or theorems. Understand everything with proofs-intuitions-ideas.
2. No Prerequisites: Every concept is taught from basics, without assuming any prior knowledge whatsoever.
3. Daily Homeworks: Practice material, with solutions, for Every Lecture to test your understanding of concepts of respective lecture.
4. Summary Lectures: Short videos which summarises everything concept and detail of the course. Helps in quick revision.
5. Quality Practice Sets: Practice Sets from standard resources, with solutions, containing a lot of quality questions for practice.
6. Weekly Quizzes: Every week, there will be a Live Quiz, containing 15-20 questions, to evaluate your understanding of concepts taught in the previous week. The Quiz questions can be seen, solved even after tha live quiz is over.
7. Doubt Resolution: All of your doubts will be resolved directly by the faculty. There is a dedicated Telegram group for Enrolled Students of Goclasses where our faculties resolve students' Doubts. So, our students don't have to go anywhere else for asking doubts.

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Course Details:

This course is a Live + Recorded Course. Students can watch Recorded Lectures if they miss any live classes. Whether students wish to attend classes live Or wish to watch recorded lectures Or both, is their choice.

Enrolled students can ask their doubts in live classes, after every class. Students can also ask their doubts in Exclusive Telegram Group for Enrolled Students, to the faculties directly.

Content of every subject is designed by IIScians.

FAQ : I want to join the course now but since the live course has already started, Can I enroll now?


The Course is Live as well as Recorded. Everything that we teach in live classes is recorded as well, So that students can watch anytime, any number of times.

Some students prefer live classes, Some prefer to watch recorded lectures. Students can join the course anytime, and watch recorded lectures of the subjects, Or join the upcoming live classes or both.

Almost 30-50% students prefer to join classes live, remaining students watch Recorded Lectures. Our last year's topper Shubham Chaudhari, AIR 23, watched all the lectures recorded.

The recordings of Goclasses GATE 2023 Course are also provided to all GATE 2024 Course enrolled students, complimentarily.

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Enroll here for Goclasses GATE CSE 2024 Complete Course

Enroll here for GO+Goclasses Test Series

Join GOclasses public Telegram Group for Doubt Discussions

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