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  • 75+ of our students in Top-500 ranks

    In Top-100: 22+, In Top-500: 75+

    AIR 1

    Piyush Kumar

    · Complete Course Student
    · Test Series Student

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    AIR 16

    Jasbir Singh Kalsi

    · Complete Course Student
    · Test Series Student
    · YouTube Lectures

    Video Testimonial

    AIR 17

    Arpit Mishra

    · Complete Course Student
    · Test Series Student

    Video Testimonial

    AIR 21

    Anshika Modi

    · Complete Course Student
    · Test Series Student

    Video Testimonial
  • 50+ of our students in Top-500 ranks

    Course Enrolled: 30+, Test Series Enrolled: 20+

    AIR 13

    Aditya Agrawala

    · Test Series Enrolled
    · Free Courses
    · YouTube Videos

    Video Testimonial

    AIR 52

    Saurabh Rajesh Mishra

    · Complete Course Student
    · Test Series Student
    · Free Courses (DM, EM)
    · YouTube Lectures

    Video Testimonial

    AIR 68

    Prateek Goel

    · Complete Course Student

    Video Testimonial

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Our Team

Sachin Mittal

Co-Founder & Instructor

MTech, IISc Bangalore
Ex-Amazon Applied ScientistGATE AIR 33

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Deepak Poonia

Co-Founder & Instructor

MTech, IISc Bangalore
5+ Years Experience GATE AIR 53, 67, 107

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Dr. Arjun Suresh


Founder, GATEOverflow
Postdoc, The Ohio State UniversityME, IISc Bangalore

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I attend live Demo classes?
You can attend prerecorded FREE Classes for discrete Mathematics and Engineering Mathematics for GATE CSE and Linear Algebra for GATE DA.
Is this live or recorded course?
The complete course of GATE CSE is completely in pre recorded format. The Complete course of GATE DA is live. All the doubt solving sessions and practice sessions of both of the courses are taken live and available as recording later.
What if I miss the LIVE class?
ALL the live lectures will be recorded as well and can be watched anytime after the live class.
How my doubts will be resolved?
After every class, we will have a live interactive doubt discussion. In case you face any problems, you can email us directly. Students can also ask their doubts on any of the following platforms:, GO Classes Whatsapp or Telegram group, GO Classes website. GO Classes website has a form for every course to interact with the class on doubts.
After EVERY class, Will I get practice problems?
For EVERY lecture, Homework will be provided. This homework will contain several questions, covering all the topics/concepts of the respective lecture. Solutions to the homework will also be provided.
Will there be weekly tests?
Every Week, we will have a quiz for the ongoing subject. It will help you evaluate your preparation and learning.
Will you help me stay motivated during my preparation?
Yes. We have biweekly informal sessions where we invite top rankers to share their experiences. This will be 30-45 min of the session before the start of class. Moreover, you can also reach out to us for personalized suggestions.
Will this course also help me in cracking other competitive exams of Computer Science?
Yes. Our course structure is designed in such a way that you should be able to crack any competitive exam having a similar syllabus like TIFR, NET, ISRO, NIELIT, BARC etc. We also solve these competitive exams' previous years questions in classes
Do you also help in Post-GATE IITs/IISc/PSUs Interview preparation?
Yes. We launch a dedicated interview preparation course Post-GATE exam. We also conduct mock interviews for the same. Students enrolled in our GATE 2022 course will get free access to the interview preparation course.
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