Computer Organization and Architecture
Computer Organization and Architecture cover

Computer Organization and Architecture

Explore the Fundamentals and Design Principles Behind Computer Organization and Architecture.

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Instructor: Deepak Poonia (MTech IISc Bangalore, GATE CSE AIR 53; 67; 107)

Language: English

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Computer Organization and Architecture is a course that delves into the fundamental concepts and principles of designing computer systems. This course explores the relationship between hardware and software components within a computer and how they interact to execute programs efficiently.

Students will gain knowledge about the inner workings of a computer system, including memory organization, processor design, input/output systems, and different architectural models.


1. In-depth understanding of computer architecture fundamentals.

2. Exploration of memory hierarchy and caching techniques.

3. Analysis of instruction set architectures and their impact on performance.

4. Study of pipelining and parallel processing techniques.

5. Evaluation of different architectural models and their trade-offs.

What you will learn:

Introduction to Computer Organization: This module covers the basic concepts of computer organization and the role of different components in a computer system.

Memory Systems and Cache Design: Learn about memory hierarchy, cache organization, and techniques to improve memory performance.

Instruction Set Architecture: Understand different instruction set architectures and how they influence the functionality and performance of a computer system.

Pipeline Processing: Explore the concept of pipeline processing and techniques to enhance instruction execution throughput.

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