Tentative Schedule for Course 2023 Live Classes

LIVE PRE-recorded
Subject Duration Subject
Digital Logic 16th Jun - 6th Jul Algorithms
Theory Of Computation 7th Jul - 1st Aug Compiler Design
Engineering Mathematics 7th Jul - 23rd Jul Database Management Systems
Computer Organization and Architecture 1st Aug - 25th Aug Computer Networks
Operating Systems 26th Aug - 20th Sept


This schedule is for Live Classes. Students can watch recorded lectures if they do not join live classes.

1. Wednesday will be weekly off.
2. For initial 2 months C-Prog, Data Structures and Discrete Mathematics classes will be as follows :
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday :- C-Prog, Data Structures class
Thursday, Friday, Sat :- Discrete Mathematics class
3. Every class will be interactive, live class, where students can ask doubts with audio chat.

4. For Every 2-hours Lecture, there will be a 5-minutes Summary Lecture.

5. Every class will be followed by homework questions and solutions to test your understanding of the respective lecture. 

For detailed features, refer- GO Classes - GATE CSE 2023 (Live + Recorded) Course