Tentative Schedule for Course 2023 Live Classes

LIVE PRE-recorded
Subject Duration Subject
Digital Logic 16th Jun - 6th Jul Data Structures

Theory Of Computation 1st Aug - 30st Aug Compiler Design
Engineering Mathematics 7th Aug - 23rd Aug Database Management Systems
Computer Organization and Architecture 1st Sep - 25th Sep Computer Networks
Operating Systems 1st Sep - 30th Sept
Revision, Practice Course 1st Nov - 1st Feb


This schedule is for Live Classes. Students can watch recorded lectures if they do not join live classes.

If students have missed some/all live classes, there is nothing to worry about. Everything is Recorded. Majority of students prefer Recorded lectures over live lectures.

Revision, Practice courses will be Live. We will do a Lot of practice in last 3 months.

1. Wednesday will be weekly off.
2. All the live classes Recordings of Discrete Mathematics & C-Prog courses are available.
3. Every live class will be interactive, where students can ask doubts with audio chat.

4. For Every 2-hours Lecture, there will be a 5-minutes Summary Lecture, which will be available once syllabus completes.

5. Every class will be followed by homework questions and solutions to test your understanding of the respective lecture. 

For detailed features, refer- GO Classes - GATE CSE 2023 (Live + Recorded) Course