Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms (GATE DA)
Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms (GATE DA) cover

Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms (GATE DA)

Unlock the Power of Algorithms: Master the Art of Problem Solving, Complexity Analysis, and Optimization Strategies in the Revolutionary World of Computing in 2024!

Learn, Understand, Discuss. "GO" for the Best.

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Instructor: Sachin Mittal(MTech IISc Bangalore, Ex-Amazon Scientist, GATE AIR 33)

Language: English


Algorithms 2024 is a comprehensive course that introduces students to the fundamental concepts and techniques of algorithms. Through a combination of theoretical lectures and practical exercises, students will gain a solid understanding of algorithms and their applications in problem-solving.

Key Highlights:

  • Learn the fundamental principles of algorithms
  • Explore various algorithmic techniques and strategies
  • Develop skills in analyzing and designing efficient algorithms
  • Apply algorithms to solve real-world problems
  • Enhance your problem-solving and critical thinking abilities

What you will learn:

  • Introduction to Algorithms:
    Gain a comprehensive understanding of algorithmic concepts and basic data structures.
  • Sorting and Searching Algorithms:
    Study different sorting and searching algorithms, such as bubble sort, merge sort, binary search, and more.
  • Graph Algorithms:
    Learn about graph structures and various algorithms to solve graph-related problems, including depth-first search, breadth-first search, and Dijkstra's algorithm.
  • Dynamic Programming:
    Discover the principles of dynamic programming and learn how to apply it to solve optimization problems.

Features of the course:
1. Quality Content: No Rote-learning. No poor understadning. No By-hearting of formulas, tables or theorems. Understand everything with proofs-intuitions-ideas.
2. No Prerequisites: Every concept is taught from basics, without assuming any prior knowledge whatsoever.
3. Daily Homeworks: Practice material, with solutions, for Every Lecture to test your understanding of concepts of respective lecture.
4. Summary Lectures: Short videos which summarises every concept and detail of the course. Helps in quick revision.
5. Quality Practice Sets: Practice Sets from standard resources, with solutions, containing a lot of quality questions for practice.
6. Weekly Quizzes: Every week, there will be a Live Quiz, containing 15-20 questions, to evaluate your understanding of concepts taught in the previous week. The Quiz questions can be seen, solved even after tha live quiz is over.
7. Doubt Resolution: All your doubts will be resolved directly by the faculty. There is a dedicated Telegram group for Enrolled Students of Goclasses where our faculties resolve students' doubts. So, our students don't have to go anywhere else for asking doubts.

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